About me

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In my younger years I loved doing a few things in life. I liked sport, games and desserts.
So, when I became a teenager I went to the chamber of commerce and started teaching “bootcamp” classes because teaching “cake bakery” classes would probably not benefit my health situation.

I liked training people and myself. In a certain period I woud train six times a week. Because of this lifestyle I ended up having a hernia.¬†When this occurred I couldn’t do a thing. Getting my pants on was even difficult. I was too stubborn to take some rest when my body was in pain and sung: “Bitch, be humble, bitch, sit down, bitch, be humble, bitch, sit down” (click here for some Kendrick Lamar).

Being the sport fanatic that I am, I felt like an old incapable man for a few months. It was a horrible experience. After a while I accepted the fact that I wouldn’t be able to sport as much as I used to. With this mentality I started picking up things I’ve had left behind, like reading books.

Looking back at my time as an old incapable man I’ve learned a big life lesson. Never stop listening to your body.

During this period I had a lot of time to reflect on life. I have always have been an energetic person, who sometimes wants to go to fast through life. This was another thing that I learned from laying down. Take it easy. Life happens, don’t hurry if not needed, enjoy it.

Next to this I was wondering about my purpose in life. I made a lot of hours behind my computer back in the days. So there is a strong feeling that it should be something with computers. At the same time the work should have a positive contribution/impact to the world or a big certain amount of people.

I saw a lot of companies in my time getting really big with technology. For example we had “Hyves” in The Netherlands started in 2004 the same year as Facebook. It was the biggest social media hype back then. In a short¬† period of time Facebook had taken over. Hyves had a big decrease of accounts, so they turned their name to “Hyves Games”. They immediately innovated¬†*ahum NOT* and decided to quit the whole platform and make it a video-gaming website, perfect idea *ahum, something is stuck in my throat*. Even as a game-addict that I was, I did never played once on Hyves, garbage…. I think the old “Hyves” had their own unique strength and had something special. A lot of young people used it, such as me, and it was way different from Facebook. I think if they kept building on their strength, they could have a good impact in with their business.

Being born in the 90’s is awesome. We already had technology and it was growing really fast (games were evolving from 2D to 3D).

After a long period of laying on my back because of this damn hernia… I concluded that the thing I love doing most is working on the computer. That is what I’m really good at. I love being outside with people, but I do not mind to sit behind my computer playing games which now mostly turned into creating awesome stuff with Adobe, WordPress and (just starting out) programming.

I will start my Software Development study in September 2018. A few more months to go,¬†I can’t wait¬†to start!

“When I’m old” I want to have my own (big) tech company. The goal to start the company is around 2025, I already know what it is going to be. So that will be a few years then. Alright, done, speak to you when I’m 32 years.

In the meanwhile I will:

  • Build websites –¬†need one?
  • Gym often –¬†want to do a training session together?
  • Enjoy the good moments –¬†let’s get a “coffee” without the coffee…
  • Put a lot of time in learning to program – Want to talk about programming?

Want to talk with me before I’m 32 years old? Just send me a message. Let’s do it.