Don’t break the habit

Today I am going to pick my morning habits up again. During the this whole COVID-19 situation my habit of going to the gym and working my butt off dissappeared and I miss it, badly. It was one of the things that kept me going during the day.

This morning I was reading some articles as usual and then I stumbled upon this one: How to Build a Strong Morning Routine: The Essential Guide

Finish off what you started

I did read a lot on the subject personal development for a while now and I tried a lot of different routines. I failed often and one of the problems was, that I stopped. The key is to stay consistent, but how do we do it? My brother always told me: “slowly but steady”. Don’t rush it, everyday just a small piece, as long as you keep making that step in the right direction. A philosophy I now try to live by… As long as you just do it, a little, every time. Finish what you have started.

So I began small, I choose to finish the series I would watch. Because if there is something I am bad at, it is finishing things I started. This was the case for almost any big project for the long-term.

My interest for ‘things’ is big and my concentration span is short. Because of this I have to train my brain to stay focused for a longer period of time. Stay away from the phone for example. Think of another habit that will replace the bad habit of grabbing your phone for no reason, be more mindful about it.

So when I see patterns like these.. I know I have to do something to fix it. So from now on we will finish the things we started and try to keep replacing bad habits for good habits and keep them.


  • I started simple with Avatar: the last airbender
  • I just finished The Last Dance of Michael Jordan
  • and I am about to finish the serie The Midnight Gospel


  • I finished my internship project that was six month’s long, upcoming thursday is the final presentation. Let’s finish this thing!



  • I finished the book: The High Performance Habits of Brendon Bruchard. Must have if you love personal development books.
  • Now I am reading Winner: My racing life, the biography of the champion jockey in horse racing of Tony McCoy.
  • I do have a pile that will follow after it, I try not to touch the other books, maybe out of curiosity to quick review, but that’s it.

Just a simple rule

It is just a simple rule, but I learned that the way you approach things can be used in many other cases. For example the underlying problem of not sticking to a subject was in my case not the subject/situation itself, but the way I approached the subject/situation.

Determination, mindfulness and intention are important when you are about to choose a path. The path I choose today is picking up my morning habits again, keep it and stay true to yourself. Starting with writing every morning I wake up, not writing on WhatsApp but on this blog (A lot of people are also commenting their life away on social media, it is absurd to see how much time is invested in negativity and stubbornness).

Get in the flow of doing

This will get you in a flow of doing. Right after writing I will be doing a work-out (morning run), when the gyms are opening again after COVID-19, I will be going back to the gym, I miss my gym routine, BADLY.

After the workout I will shower, eat breakfast, meditate and start the day at approximately 9. The upcoming days I’ll be busy with a Udemy course I am following.

It’s a pretty good course named: JavaScript: The Advanced Concepts by Andrei Neagoie. I would really recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn JavaScript on a deeper level (even for beginners; there are Appendixes available if you don’t get a certain concept during the course).

Cya, in the next one!

Alright, thanks if you read this post, really appreciate it. Leave me a message if you’d like. I would love to hear back from people, I will try to write more life and/or educational stuff.

But for now: go get your own morning routine in check during this rough times, I’ll work on mine now and will not break them! Just wanted to shoot a message in the air to get it off my head and immidiately execute on the habit. This will be a lovely journey. On to more consitent working on projects and other activities I touch such as writing blog articles!

I got side tracked, something that happens often to me, stop it monkey brain, haha…

The book Winner about the horse races lead me to something interesting… After Googling the book, I watched some horse race videos, I stumbled upon the fact that horses are hit by a whip during horse races. They especially are getting hit a lot at the last 100/200 meters.

Horse Whips…

As a vegeterian and my love for animals, I immidiately asked myself questions about the welfare of the horses and found this video: “Horse Whip” on the channel ABC Science. In the past I’ve heard about horses who have really strong senses. It seems that their pain nerves lies closer to their outer skin than humans. This means that the hit of a whip is felt probably even more intense than on a human.

What is happening when you keep on whiping a horse is that the horse will try to respond by showing good behaviour but because of the continuing of the whip all behaviour they’ll show will be punished. Because of this the horse doesn’t know how to behave well and is confused because of it.

They have races without whips in some countries. Interesting stuff. You should watch the video for more in depth information and science on it.

Black Lives Matter

By seeing the whip I tought about slavery, so I wondered.. Why did I not see a black jockey in the races? No African-American jockeys where at Kentucky Derby a horse race since 1902 in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. This is because of the Jim Crow law, the black people were segregated in that time. It seems that black jockeys were really dominant and did win a lot of big prizes back in the days.

Kevin Krigger was born in the U.S. Virgin Islands, but he’s been racing in California. He’s the first African-American jockey to ride in the Derby in more than a decade. He said before his race in 2013: “I’m going to be the first African-American to win the Kentucky Derby since 1902. And that’s a hell of a milestone.”

I also want to write some stuff about the Black Lives Matter movement. This will be a perfect period in time to share my experiences and opinions on it. I would love to write my honest opinion on it. That will be my next post. Looking forward to it!